10 Cool Weed Grinders

Grinders are an essential part of a weed smoker's tool kit. Normally the grinding can be done by hand, rolling it between your fingers, but it's time-consuming and sometimes painful to do it after a few runs. Whether you smoke medicinally or recreationally. It could be for a blunt, joint, pipe or even a bong but buds need to be ground for an optimal smoking experience, to avoid wasting product, collect the pollen (also known as Kief) or to insure clean smoke. A grinder can also get rid of the seeds, which will pop like popcorn while you're smoking and don't particularly smell or taste well.

And of course grinders come in all shapes and colors, some better or more advanced than others, but today we're not gonna focus on the advanced kind, but the coolest-looking grinders, choosing form over function. Don't worry, we're going to include the other kind in another list, but for now, here's the coolest-looking grinders:

1. Gotta catch em' all!

2. You can't top the copper top

3. Six-shooter.

4. Ornate design, for those who appreciate fine art

5. ...Or maybe, a wooden design?


7. When it's weed-o'-clock

8. Don't gamble on your grindin'

9. For the chemists out there

10. The one grinder

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