10 More Incredible Bongs!

Because you guys loved our 20 Mind-Blowing Bongs post, we decided to make another one!

Glassblowing is a beautiful art and before working on this Blog I never really paid attention to it, realized how gorgeous it can be. I remember mom used to buy these weird hand-crafted spheres with trippy designs, I thought: "Sure, they're cool, but nothing special" and that used to be my opinion about glassblowing in general. Until I saw THESE and THESE. I never thought such a variety of forms and colors physically possible and was marveled at the beauty of some of them and amazed at the versatility of others, so I had to show you, guys and apparently you guys liked it, so here's another round of mind-blowingly cool bongs!

1. Trippy mushrooms!

2. Gumball dispenser... for another type of candy

3. OOOOOOH who lives in a pinap-- oh... wrong one...

4. ...there you guys are!

5. Wake and bake...on and eggs.

6. This one looks bloody!

7. And continuing with the liquid theme

8. This balloon animal must be high as a kite

9. For the ladies...

10. ...And the ladybugs.

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