12 Year Old Has Cannabis-Based Medication Denied

As an American Blog, you would think this does not concern us 'cause it happened in the UK. And me, as a filthy bachelor, I don't really understand or know what it's like to have children, so this doesn't really concern me either, but when I read these news I understood one thing: This could -at one point- cost someone's life and no one would give a damn 'cause Cannabis-based medication is either illegal or frowned upon and that automatically makes it my problem. Such is the case of Billy Caldwell, a 12 year old with severe epilepsy who got his medicine seized by customs officials at the Heathrow International Airport, in England. Luckily the boy is alive and well but his mom, Charlotte Caldwell, is [quite understandably] very upset and raising hell over this incident because the kid had a seizure hours after the aforementioned medication was confiscated.

Billy used to suffer over 100 seizures a day before the medication was prescribed to him through an NHS prescription. His mother said “Without that medicine, Billy’s seizures will return and Billy will surely pass away”. Which sounds EXACTLY like a what would happen if you deny a diabetic patient their insulin and that doesn't really make weed the same as insulin but where do you draw the line? I mean, I feel sympathy for the kid and his mother, but forget for a second it's them. And forget for a second it's weed we're talking about. Imagine it's your daughter. Imagine it's your son. Or your mom. Imagine it's THEIR medicine. Can you see where I'm going with this? Don't think of it as weed. Think of it as just MEDICINE. Medicine they need to continue functioning as they should. It's irrelevant where it's coming from. Heck, there's scopolamine, cocaine and opioid based medicine out there, Weed is the least of the evils.

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