3 Year Old Forced To Represent Himself In Court!

Now, you may think the illustration above is just gratuitously tear-jerking, but this actually happened in real life. Somewhere out there a bunch of assholes separated a little child from their parents, harassed him for awhile in a court of law without proper representation and then sent the little guy back to his country of origin. On his own. Which, if this didn't involve the keywords: "deportation", "illegal" and "immigrant" this shit would be so wrong. I don't really have the words or the time to describe what I feel about it or enumerate all that is wrong with it but I trust you have a brain composed of more than 2 neurons to understand that this is horseshit. I get that "we must protect the American borders from terrorists" and "where do we draw the line?" but... THIS IS IT! THIS is where we draw the goddamn line. This is literally it; When you harass a 3 year old in a court of law for a crime he didn't even commit in the first place, without proper legal representation you are just being a piece of crap of a human being, you're not doing anything heroic. That kid was brought illegally to America by his parents, he or she didn't choose to break the law and even if he did... Ok, come on now. Remember when you were three? Remember the idiotic decisions you used to make? See where I'm going with this?

Now these children are being tried without their parents. First off, the child has hardly ANY idea of what's going on. I mean, not even the judge seems to be enjoying any of that shit show. The people behind this whole thing clearly has no idea what they're doing, 'cause if they did they wouldn't be doing it.

All this, of course was the idea of Jeff Sessions, who still operates under the delusion that he, single-handedly is saving America. From 3-year-olds and medicinal plants.

I guess my point is, these people clearly have brain parasites, 'CAUSE WHY THE F*CK ELSE WOULD YOU PUT A F***ING TODDLER ON TRIAL IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU SICK F*CK!?

Anyway, read more about it here:

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