'420 Bill' Officially Introduced to Legalize Cannabis!

A new bill has been proposed, not yet approved, but god willing it will be. And YES, that is the official number of the bill; 420. How cool is that!?

The 420 Bill was proposed by Senator Ron Wyden and proposes to de-schedule Cannabis and treat it in the same way as tobacco and alcohol, with taxes and regulations. Which, again, aren't as necessary as the ones for actual alcohol and tobacco, since both of those can actually kill you or seriously mess you up if you get the recipe even slightly wrong. Not to mention it is actually possible to overdose on them.

“S. 420 may get some laughs, but what matters most is that it will get people talking about the serious need to end failed prohibition,"
Wyden said in an email.

And apparently Wyden's proposal isn't the only one in recent times, as just last month Oregon lawmaker, Earl Blumenauer filed a congressional bill to regulate marijuana like alcohol, numbered H.R. 420. Which, and I don't mean to sound cocky, but only shows that Marijuana's time has come and it's only a matter of time before it goes mainstream and fully legal like in Canada.

“The federal prohibition of marijuana is wrong, plain and simple. Too many lives have been wasted, and too many economic opportunities have been missed,” Wyden said. “It’s time Congress make the changes Oregonians and Americans across the country are demanding.”

And I agree here on so many levels. So many good people in jail for literally no reason. And I don't mean to say murder and physical violence isn't a good enough reason, OF COURSE IT IS, but just possessing, growing and using it is not a good enough reason. Not really. It's a waste of resources and the penal system, when there are rapists, murderers and corrupt-ass politicians out there! Why not jail those instead!? I mean, those cost us billions of dollars annually. #JustSaying

And then there's the wasted economic opportunities. Forget the whole weed industry for a second, imagine how this would this affect the economy! Just the fast food sector! Holy crap! Fractal posters, Uber rides, heck! The sky is the limit. Get it? 'Cause you're high? GET I-- ok... I'll show myself out...

You can read more about this at and

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