55 Hospitalized In DC Due To Synthetic Weed Overdose

Alright, people, let's get this right: Synthetic Cannabis IS NOT the same as real Cannabis. Never was, never will be. And this is what happens when you let people use it. It's almost as if with all these legalization, there's people trying to discredit the real deal by releasing a Poisonous counterfeit, just so asshats like Jeff Sessions can say "see? I told you it was bad!". Not a single case in history of a single person with a weed overdose. NOT ONE. And now all these cases! We of course have warned you about the dangers of synthetic weed before, but this stuff keeps happening.

27 people got overdosed on a drug called K2, also known as synthetic Marijuana on Wednesday night, 20 of which were taken to the hospital and on Thursday, another 22 overdosed, 19 of which were taken to ER. Then yet ANOTHER 16 people collapsed near Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School and were taken to the hospital.

A similar spike of overdose cases happened in July, also in DC, where 172 overdosed and of those, 122 were taken to the hospital for treatment. And this is not even the first time that a mass incident involving synthetic weed is in the news, earlier this year 91 people overdosed on it in Illinois, 2 of them unfortunately died. Again, you know how many people has actual weed killed? ZERO. NONE. NOBODY. Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

After seeing the mayhem caused by the synthetic drug, D.C. Emergency Medical Services Captain Richard Hall said the drug “is some of the nastiest stuff I’ve seen”. For a good reason, too. People collapsing, vomiting and getting violent for no apparent good reason are some of the symptoms that paramedics are seeing afer people use K2.

Now, to play devil's avocado here, I do want to mention that a bunch of cases in several states from the Midwest and the East Coast have also seen rashes of Synthetic Weed overdoses this year, however in these particular cases, the recovered samples of synthetic Cannabis contained a chemical called Brodifacoum, which is found in rat poison and pesticides. So I don't know, this whole thing seems iffy. The symptoms of Brodifacoum poisoning are pretty similar to the reported side effects of Synthetic Marijuana. Just to remind you: These symptoms include vomiting, nausea, accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, kidney damage, seizures and heart attacks. Also fun activities such as spontaneous nose bleeds, bleeding from the gums, vomiting blood, blood in the stool and blood in the urine. Oh, boy! Sounds like a blast. From an alien ray gun, that is.

Regardless of whether it's one or the other, synthetic weed is basically rat poison at this point. I can't stress enough how much you should stay the hell away from that crap. Seriously, better safe than sorry, you're better off dropping an anvil over your head.

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