A Step Backwards: Ohio Makes CBD Only Available In Dispensaries, Making it Nearly Illegal.

If you live in Ohio and suffer from anxiety, depression, dementia or a number of other symptoms, chances are your natural medicine is about to be illegal, because the State of Ohio now considers Cannabidiol (Also known as CBD) as Medical Marijuana. That's right, despite the little fact that CBD does NOT contain THC and is NOT psycho-active in any way, shape or form. Unfortunately this substance DOES come from Hemp, which is type of Cannabis and Ohio lawmakers decided to take this technicality into account to downright outlaw it.

The state’s medical marijuana law, also known as HB 523 applies to all marijuana-related products, including CBD and doesn't only impact people with different ailments who were using Cannabidiol, but also people selling it, who were forced to sell their entire inventory at discounted prices, losing a ton of cash in the process.

And you may think "Well, I'll just get it at a local dispensary, then!" but as usually is with this type of things, it's not that easy. Because certain types of anxiety or depression are not considered worthy of a Medical Marijuana card and you may be prescribed opioids instead. And as a seller, you can always sell something else, change business, etc. But as a person suffering from an ailment, you can't change your illness, you're stuck with it, sometimes indefinitely and taking the Pig Pharma garbage to treat it sometimes might be detrimental to your health.

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