Alcohol and Tobacco Scientifically Proven to be WAY Worse Than Weed

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

If you've ever been a slave to either of these vices, it does really feel like a literal vice. Especially when you try to leave it after you realize that these things are seriously screwing your shit up and that if you continue consuming alcohol or tobacco in a copious manner you will end up dead. And that's when you realize what a burden they really are. I'm not gonna criticize alcohol that much 'cause it's not really that bad if you have a glass every now and then, but if we're talking substance abuse, either of these bastards will make your life a living hell, no doubt. Cigarettes even more so. It's all fun and games until someone loses a lung.

And as we touched in the last post, Cannabis won't. In fact it can potentially "fix" some of the things that alcohol and tobacco screwed up.

But that's not possible, I hear you say. It's not scientifically proven! Or is it!? Well, now there's a proof to back those claims up.

It's been suspected for years that weed isn't as bad as alcohol or tobacco, and most people thought it's just shit stoners say, but looking at the circumstantial evidence it seemed to be the case, it's just not as damaging. Still, this was just speculation until now.

According to a new report by the Society for the Study of Addiction, alcohol and tobacco are by far the most harmful substances used (and abused) around the world. And it's mostly by virtue of them being more available and legal, of course. Crack or meth are obviously worse, but they are harder to attain and more expensive (in most cases), so alcohol and tobacco can seriously mess you up if you get too comfortable with them.

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