An Inseparable Pair: Why THC and CBD Work Better Together

On a past post we discussed the difference between Indicas and Sativas, and how they contained different levels of CBD and THC and we've also discussed how THC alone can be dangerous (I.E. Synthetic Marijuana) which is CBD is important; it balances it.

CBD alone has been proven to be very helpful for a myriad of ailments and although it can do plenty on its own, some of its benefits compliment THC's; They were always meant to be together. Like some kind of power-couple, except they don't break up a few years later. I'm looking at you, Brangelina.

By itself, THC is the component of Cannabis that gets you high. Despite its fame as psychoactive, it has many properties of its own, but at the same time its psychoactive nature may also incapacitate you and in large doses can produce negative effects such as psychosis and paranoia. This is where CBD, or Cannabidiol comes in. It balances THC and cranks it way down, making its psychoactive effects tolerable and in many cases enjoyable, taking them down to healthy levels. And don't get me wrong, this does not mean that THC is bad, it's just that it was never meant to be taken alone. And this is where we start hitting a road block; With the prohibition of Cannabis, cultivars and growers were in a way forced to modify strains through selective breeding to pack a stronger punch, to be able to cram more "high" in the same amount of plant for easy transportation and storage where less weed gets you more high. It's an unfortunate combination of greed, ignorance and necessity and unfortunately the real benefits of Marijuana are being washed away, robbing the noble Cannabis of its righteous role in nature. Today it seems to have become a gold-standard, with some strains containing up to 30% more THC by weight than nature originally intended. The problem with this is that this leaves a lot less room for other important Cannabinoids in the plant, which as we saw in this post are almost as important as THC and CBD.

Now, in this context, all these other cannabinoids are supplementary, meaning that they're additional, they're needed, but not essential. Cannabidiol, on the other hand is complementary, meaning that it compliments and completes the whole. It's one of the most important parts of Marijuana's chemical makeup and many users are beginning to realize this and combine their Cannabis with CBD oil to reduce the effects of today's elevated counts THC in it. Because nature intended them to be together, that's why it put them in a plant. As they should be. So next time you try weed, either recreationally or medicinally, remember they belong with one another.

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