Bill 305 Will Allow Terminal Patients To Use Cannabis In California

After so many bad news, we start the week with a good one; A bill was proposed to allow terminally ill patients to use Cannabis-based medications in hospitals. Senate Bill 305, The Compassionate Access to Cannabis Act. As you know, earlier this year, a man's hospital room was raided by cops because of suspicions that he was using Cannabis in the building to treat his aggressive pancreatic cancer, this bill would allow people like him to do so legally.

SB 305, also known as known as Ryan’s Law, in honor of Ryan Bartell, who died of pancreatic cancer last year at age 42, was introduced by Democrat candidate Bill Hueso, in February and is scheduled for a hearing by a Senate committee this week.

After his diagnosis, Bartell was hospitalized in a hospital in Washington and given high doses of Opiates to relieve his pain, Bartell's family had something else in mind. They wanted to treat him with Cannabis medication, however, the hospital would not allow this. Nurse Heather Manus, of the Cannabis Nurses Network helped the Bartells to move Ryan to a different facility so he can begin a Cannabis medication treatment.

“He was actually able to spend those last days alert, pain-free, with his family and really had that quality of life during his end of life care.”
-Told Nurse Heather to HighTimes.

This SB 305 bill was written by Ryan's father, who did not want other patients to go through what Ryan had to go through and spend some time with their relatives before the final hour, rather than spending their last days under the effects of powerful drugs.

Most hospital prohibit the use use of Cannabis because of the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act, which requires institutions that receive federal funds to prohibit the use and distribution of controlled substances. Marijuana, being a Schedule I drug falls under this category, despite the fact that it is more medicinal than, for example, Heroin, LSD, and cocaine.

They already allow Morphine, which knocks out the patient, is addictive, slowly destroys their remaining organs and screws with their nervous system, so it can't be worse than that, let's be honest.

Ken Sobel, an attorney who helped Ryan's father to write Ryan’s Law, says the bill can help take away the stigma still associated with Cannabis-based medications.

“It’s extremely important because it brings into the mainstream something that has been essentially prohibited, which is to integrate what we know about how effective cannabis medicine can be and the rights of patients to use it, even in a healthcare facility,”
-Sobel said.

Hopefully those in charge will listen, as the worst that can happen is that the patient may die from a hysterical fit of laughter, which, at least they'll die happy, the best is that the Cannabis-based medication can prolong their life.


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