Can Cannabis Help Treat Depression?

Whether you lost someone, you have a shitty life or you simply appear to be sad all the time for no reason, depression is a very real thing, it's a disability. People might tell you "hey, don't be depressed" but a simple command does not do the trick. Anyone who suffers from it knows how difficult it is to 'just be fine'. Sometimes it takes years of therapy or 'happy pills' to 'be fine' again. It's hard.

Now, I am not here to sell you snake oil or a quick fix to anything. Sometimes being happy does require some work. Maybe you have some demons you need to deal with, maybe you need some therapy and get over some bad things in your life. That can't be replaced with some arbitrary chemical, whether it's weed or antidepressants. Then again, sometimes nothing else can do the trick but pills. A chemical imbalance in your brain might require a drug-oriented approach, so if you've been prescribed 'happy pills', maybe weed can be an alternative. So.... Can cannabis help treat depression??

In short, yes. Yes, it can. It works on your endocannabinoid system which in turn regulates some of the hormones responsible for your mood. But it's not a magical, 'make it all ok' cure and must be used responsibly; Using medical Marijuana as your personal 'make it all fine' button may generate a psychological dependence to it and we don't want or need an addiction. It's about improving one's life quality.

With that out of the way, the strain is a very important factor, too. Some strains might make it worse, while others can help you regain your will to live and stabilize your mood and this depends a lot on the ratios of Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol in the strain. A good alternative could be CBD, for example, which is Cannabidiol and offers some degree of relief for symptoms of depression without the psychoactive effects.

Above all, do your due research. It's not for everyone. More often than not, all you really need is therapy. But like I said, if you've been prescribed happy pills, perhaps you should ask for a second opinion. Especially if it's opioids, as we know how addictive and dangerous those could be.

So, in conclusion, can cannabis help treat depression? Yes, but only if used correctly. Find a physician specialized in Medical Cannabis or ask your local dispensary which Cannabis strain is right for you. Keep yourself distracted, keep yourself busy and if you need to talk about it, there's usually someone willing to listen. Remember, you're not alone! Worst case scenario, call a suicide prevention line, but don't let depression win, there's always an alternative. There's always a way.

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