Canadian Health Charity Worries About Mental Health Decline After Legalization

So after we saw last year's post about THC causing psychosis if abused and how CBD can actually prevent and cure it, a natural question to ask would be, what now, that weed has been legalized in Canada? I mean, they did exhaust their stock of Cannabis on the first week. If they are using it that much, perhaps there's a slight chance that someone will end up hurt. And with the elevated amounts of THC in today's weed, let's face it, it's a real possibility and a real worry, but how real is it?

In 2017, 723 people in Canada were hospitalized due to Cannabis-induced psychosis, almost double as much as in 2012 (only 373). In 2019, that number is projected to go up.

Now, not to say that Marijuana is totally bad, as you know, in this blog we defend it and praise its medical properties, but it would be grossly irresponsible of us not to warn you what happens if you abuse it. Research shows that the prolonged and copious use of Cannabis can worsen psychosis, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, especially in those who have a predisposition to these conditions and to add insult to injury, unfortunately these side-effects are not entirely understood because the plant has been banned and illegalized worldwide for a very long while, therefore research has been difficult or impossible in some parts.

The legalization of Cannabis, besides making research easier, also encourages those suffering from these conditions to openly seek mental health help because there is no longer any kind of prosecution and information such as this post more are openly available but this only puts a bandaid on the problem. Substance abuse is not a great practice. As the post's picture suggests, It takes about 6 liters of water to kill a 165-pound person, it's true that Cannabis hasn't ever killed anyone, but too much of the good stuff can actually send you to the hospital, as stated above.

If you abuse weed, the problem is not weed itself, it's you. Maybe you like the taste or the high a bit too much, maybe you have problems in your life or maybe you suffer from depression, it's fine to smoke a joint or eat a brownie every now and then, but flooding your organism with it is not a healthy thing to do, and in fact, abusing ANYTHING will send you to the hospital so do yourself and Marijuana a favor and seek help ( instead of giving it a bad name and reputation just because you are abusing it. It's not weed's fault, it's your responsibility to use it responsibly.

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