Cannabis 1, Alcohol 0!: No Reports Of Impaired Driving After Legalization, Canadian Officials Say

If there's one one thing stoners are proud of, is that Cannabis is better than alcohol and was arguably only backed by stoners themselves for a long time until the studies started to come out saying that in deed it is. But there was no widely known study showing that Marijuana is better than alcohol while driving. Sure, a few here and there, but most of us haven't heard of them in our daily lives. The information on whether or not weed impairs your ability to drive was scarce. So much so, that the Canadian government invested millions of Canadian Dollars in roadside drug detection equipment (a.k.a. weed breathalizers), officer training and a "Don't smoke and drive" campaign among other things to prevent impaired driving but in an interesting turn of events, it looks like there won't be a need for any of that because, you guessed it: Even after legalization, there's no impaired driving incidents to report! And let me just say that this is a country that EXHAUSTED THEIR WEED SUPPLY on the first month after legalization! Meaning that A LOT of people were smoking weed (Or eating. Not judging here). I mean, I'm sure a handful of those were either driving or being responsible with their driving (I.E. not driving stoned). Either way, no reports! Which is -in a way- such a bummer for the Canadian authorities because they spent MILLIONS preparing for the whole "Don't smoke and drive" thing. Which goes to show you that it's cheaper to be well informed than just demonize everything and everyone willy-nilly. #JustSaying

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