Cannabis-Based Beer: Booze That Actually Heals Your Liver!

Some of us, sometimes like to have the occasional beer, sometimes two or more. Beer is delicious. But one thing we sometimes worry about is... How can I grow a new liver? Let's be honest. Alcohol destroys your liver. As delicious as it is, it can obliterate your liver. Not today, not tomorrow but some day. And as much as I would love to go "WELL NOW THERE IS!" like some sort of shitty infomercial, let's not go there just yet. If you drink so much beer (or any other alcoholic beverage, for that matter) that liver cirrhosis can become an actual problem in your life you need help. Plain and simple. Get help. Booze is to be enjoyed, not to be abused. That said, there's a ton of people who can't enjoy as much beer as they'd love to due to congenital problems and other health issues and it's for them that I'd love to say: "WELL NOW THERE IS!".

So turns out that an Ontario-based company called Province Brands invented a non-alcoholic beer, brewed entirely out of the Cannabis plant, designed as a non-alcoholic alternative to booze. Many other more mainstream brands are already ALSO considering a similar drink as more states and provinces around the world legalize weed.

Since Marijuana doesn't damage the liver, or any other major organ in your body, this Cannabis-based beer won't mess up your insides, and due to the health benefits of the Cannabis plant, it can in fact heal it if it's already beaten by liver disease.

Read more about it a

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