Cannabis Can Be Hazardous To Pets, Studies Show

Let's get one thing straight: If you give weed to your pets and watch them fumble aimlessly just for the kicks, you are a sick fuck. That said, sometimes it's out of our control. My cat used to steal any unattended snack I left on the counter and my dog used to snatch my food off the table as soon as I turned my back on him, these things happen. And you could argue that I am a terribly irresponsible person and that my pets weren't properly trained, but truth is, I am neither a pet trainer nor can I afford one, we do our best and sometimes we screw up. And sometimes that one screw up screws up your pet. Beyond repair. And turns out Cannabis can do that. Maybe that's why Trix is just for kids. Perhaps it contains THC and the silly rabbit would die if ingested it. I'm kidding, please don't sue me, I'm not advocating Cannabis use on kids.

With all that out of the way, yes, Cannabis can be used to treat your pets and in fact has a very high degree of success. Anything from dogs to cats, to even skunks or grizzly bears, most vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, however it's not the same as that of humans, because unlike us, they CAN in fact overdose on Cannabis, particularly dogs, who appear to have a higher concentration of THC receptors in their brains than other animals, in fact SIX times more CB1 receptors humans, making them a whole lot more susceptible to diagnosis. Adding to the toxicity of Cannabis to dogs, there's also those other delicious ingredients in edibles; Chocolate, raisins, nuts, xylitol, and if you aren't into sweet edibles, perhaps onion, garlic, or avocado, which are freaking delicious, but unfortunately deadly to dogs and cats! The combination of these factors make edibles a deadly cocktail for pets. In other words, if the chocolate in your brownie doesn't kill them, the weed will.

Now, it is worth mentioning that most of the pets involved in the study did not die from Cannabis ingestion perse, and therefore researchers weren't able to come up with numbers for a lethal dose of THC. Most, if not all of these animals died from aspirating their own vomit, then getting an infection from doing so and died from that infection. Which doesn't rule out its lethality, but makes you aware that even a little could be too much for certain breeds. Take smaller dogs, for example; A rat-sized Chihuahua and a German Shepherd can both eat a whole chocolate bar, understandably the smaller dog will be blasted to oblivion because there's a whole less body mass to diffuse all that chocolaty goodness.

Regarding its therapeutic usage, it's worth mentioning that as of this moment it's not legal in any state for veterinarians to prescribe or recommend cannabis or hemp-derived medicine for pets, but if you do plan to treat your pet's ailments with Cannabis, consult a veterinarian doctor or a specialist, regardless. It can be highly beneficial, but the dosage could be a bit finicky as we've found out. Moreover, A 2011 study by Yamaori Et Al discovered that even CBD can have potentially damaging side effects on animals, inhibiting some enzymes in the liver, similar to grapefruit juice. These enzymes, known as CYP 450, which are required for the proper metabolism of many commonly used pharmaceutical drugs and the inhibition of those enzymes can cause these drugs to build up in the liver to potentially toxic levels.

All in all, more research has to be done and more data has to surface before we rule out Marijuana as "good" or "bad" for your pet but for now, just be careful.


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