Cannabis is Legal now. But what about those still in Jail?

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

So Cannabis is now legal in several states, which is awesome! It is now uncool to to be against weed, which is great, but some people seem to have been left behind by this train; People in jail because of use, possession or sale of Cannabis. And I'm sure a portion of these individuals maybe are actual criminals, but then there's this one dude who was caught smoking a joint and was thrown in jail or that one guy who had said joint on him during a routine speeding ticket stop. I can't really vouch for anyone selling it illegally, but I am sure there's even one of THOSE who wasn't a hardcore criminal or drug lord. All those people are still in jail and now that weed is legal it's like they were incarcerated for nothing.

Look, I know the criminal and justice system isn't perfect. We're all humans here and as humans we make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes cost people their freedom. And it's never too late to recognize those mistakes.

I don't think it's that hard to take a second look at those cases and I think that those convicted of Cannabis crimes deserve a second opinion and a second chance, especially now that weed is legal.

On the other hand, people with Marijuana crimes in their permanent record... well, what about those? Again, let me remind you, Cannabis is legal now (in some states) so shouldn't these people be considered for a clean slate?

Just something to think about. Check out our other posts and our merch and as always, stay happy!

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