Cannabis Is Now 100% Legal In Canada!

I know we've been teasing this for like two months now, but it's finally official! Weed is legal in the great nation of Canadia! Holy carp! I almost can't believe it! Adults nation-wide will be allowed to buy, use, possess and grow recreational Cannabis and the country's first Marijuana dispensaries opened their doors on Wednesday.

The impact of this legislation is huge. Not only does this instantly put out of business a lot of the organized crime in the country but the criminal justice system will get a much needed break, and also the medical community is going to benefit from it. Even tourism is expected to raise. Heck, I wanna go to Canada now!

And this is only the beginning; the legalization of Cannabis in Canada is expected to impact the US in several major ways; Traveling to Canada might become more difficult, for example, but most importantly, being so close to the US, both, geographically and culturally, Canada's legalization of Marijuana will surely put more pressure on the US to legalize, too.

And despite how awesome this all sounds, nay-sayers are already starting to cry bloody murder, and I'm sure they'll start to nitpick isolated incidents to say "See, I told you it was bad!". So... to all our Canadian brother, I say: Don't get carried away, use responsibly and set the set an example for the rest of the world, so other governments, too, can see Cannabis legalization as a viable alternative.

You can read more about it here:

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