Cannabis Legalization Is Actually Putting Drug Cartels Out Of Business

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Contrary to what oh, so many nay-sayers may think, Cannabis legalization is actually helping to end the war on drugs. Many supporters of Marijuana criminalization firmly believe that should weed become legal, evil doers would roam the streets and society would crumble and become corrupted to the point of break down. I know, right? Could they be more fatalistic!? JESUS!

So far, the legalization of weed has done nothing but good, but one of the unforeseen side-effects of this legalization is that drug cartels are going out of business and this in turn is making border towns safer because there is FAR less transit of smugglers and other drug traffickers, who are usually associated with organized crime, since these towns are a route in and out the United States.

And I think this is one of the most overlooked benefits of Cannabis legalization; The abolition of drug cartels and drug violence. Or at least the ones pertaining to the illegal sale of Marijuana, which let's face it, is a benign drug that doesn't really have a good reason to be banned or criminalized, unlike coke or heroin, which kill thousands of people every year and cost the system millions of dollars.

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