Cannabis Will Ruin Coca-Cola's 'Wholesome Image': Warren Buffett Says

Let me preface this Blog post by saying, I drink Coca-Cola. I am not saying it as something I am proud of, just as a guilty pleasure I sometimes indulge in. I wouldn't say it's healthy, I wouldn't say that at all, but it's tasty. That said, I wouldn't say it's wholesome either. This thing is responsible for so many health issues that it would take a whole entire Blog post to list them all and its repercussions on public health and pop culture precede its reputation and I can see where Warren Buffett gets the whole "wholesome image" from, but I don't agree with it. You see, Coca-Cola began as one of those 'Snake Oil' type tonics in the 1800's, this particular one contained approximately 37 grams of Coca leaf per liter of drink and subsequently was reduced to about 9 milligrams of Cocaine per glass, although it was later removed from the recipe, in 1903 (Read more about it at Today the drink is Cocaine-free, but still contains a metric ass-ton of sugar and phosphoric acid, which dissolves your teeth, lowers your bone density, screws up your kidneys and gives you diabetes, not really great for your health, is what I'm trying to say. But then again, neither is bacon, but we all love that stuff, don't we? And to each his own, if you wanna die from clogged arteries and a massive triple heart attack-stroke combo, that's your business, but don't advertise this stuff like the most wholesome drink on the planet. It clearly isn't.

Now, with the whole Federal Hemp legalization, Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, which is a product of Hemp has taken over as the new craze on products and everyone wants to cash in. From CBD-infused beer, to body care products, CBD has found its way into many products and The Coca-Cola Company didn't want to be left out, proposing a line of products infused with Cannabidiol, to which Mr. Buffett had a few things to say:

“it would be a mistake for Coca-Cola to get into the marijuana—cannabis business.”
Buffett said

This all comes from a guy who drinks five cans of Coke a day, a habit that has his doctors actually concerned about his health. He loves Coca-Cola so much that he purchased $19.5 billion bucks of shares in the company.

“They have a wholesome image and that would be detrimental to it,”
He added.

Now if you've been actually paying attention to the posts in this Blog or to news, in general, for that matter, CBD is the new health fad. New properties are discovered almost every week; it prevents psychosis, helps with seizures, helps depression, fights pain, helps with menstruation, you name it, so why Buffett would object to having Coca-Cola associated with it is beyond me, considering that The Coca-Cola Company has been involved with all sorts of human rights violations, animal testing and questionable business practices. So maybe being involved with something as benign as CBD, that actually does some good wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. #JustSaying.

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