CannaHoney May Be Able To Treat Cancer and Other Diseases

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Who doesn't like honey? It's sweet, healthy and delicious. Whether it is to sweeten your tea, as a dressing for your salad or as a treatment for miscellaneous diseases, honey has been used for thousands of years as a healthy way to sweeten life.

So what would happen, if bees fed on the Cannabis plant? Cannahoney. You see, honey inherits the properties of the plant the bees have been feeding on, so the resulting honey has the properties of the plant PLUS the benefits of honey, which is already healthy in on itself.

One example is Mānuka honey. this is a medicinal honey produced by honey bees feeding on the mānuka flowers that bloom on the Mānuka tree, which usually grows in New Zealand and the south of Australia. Until recently the only property of this honey was thought to be its delicious flavor but it turns out that it actually possesses strong anti-bacterial properties that, until now were overlooked by modern medicine but have been used by natives for thousands of years to keep wounds clean and fight bacteria. Now medical science is looking at the Mānuka honey for the treatment of drug-resistant superbugs like MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

In the same fashion, Cannahoney inherits the benefits of the Cannabis plant and its amazing properties, THC included, which helps fight Alzheimer's, Cancer, anxiety and pain.

Now, the obvious question here is whether Cannabis is harmful to bees or not. Because even though insects, that still counts as animal cruelty, but luckily bees do not have an Endocannabinoid system and therefore the Cannabis resin does not harm them in any way. It's just like any another plant for them.

So Why Cannahoney?

Honey by itself is healthy as hell. It is linked to wound-healing properties and antibacterial action, helps fight infections and in fact DOES NOT SPOIL. It has been used in medicine for over 5,000 years and there's actually jars of honey found in ancient Egyptian burials and the honey in them is still good! Honey can replace sugar in meals, and if you have Diabetes, it's a healthier option than artificial sweeteners. It can heal burns and wounds, helping the scarring process, it reduces the duration of diarrhea, prevents acid reflux. Some studies have even suggested that honey can be a natural "Cancer Vaccine"

Unlike regular honey, Cannahoney is not made out of plant nectar nor pollen, which is the main ingredient in the regular brand. It is made out of the resin from the Cannabis plant, which is not pollinated by insects, and instead relies on wind to pollinate itself.

Of course bees are no stranger to plant resin, in fact they use resin from willows, poplars and other trees to make something called Propolis which is antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial, even more so than honey. However the creator of Cannahoney was able to train bees to also make honey out of it, although this honey has more in common with Hashish than with regular ol' weed. And yes, in case you were wondering this whole time, it does get you high.

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