CBD Can Aid To Carry Medicines To The Brain, Research Shows

CBD has proven to do many things for your brain, like fighting psychosis, anxiety, depression and pain, but one understated effect it possesses is the recently discovered ability to help carrying other drugs to your brain, to treat ailments such as Schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis or depression.

A study conducted by the Open University and Complutense Universitiy and published by the American Chemical Society Journal Molecular Pharmaceutics found that the blood-brain barrier prevents the brain from receiving the wrong chemicals, like toxins and hormones that could mess up the brain's chemical balance, which in certain patients, like those with brain tumors, requires to boost the dose to very high amounts that could be more damaging than therapeutic.

The researchers decided to encase a fluorescent molecule that they could keep track of during the test in biodegradable nanocapsules with a CBD solution, then administered the drug to mice and human brain cells. What they found was that these nanocarriers laced with CBD were more likely to pass through this elusive blood-brain barrier in both, the rodents and the human brain cells, acting like some sort of 'Trojan horse' to sneak the needed drugs into the system.

At this point this drug delivery system is still in clinical trials, more research has to be done before moving on with human trials, so it's a long way from becoming a tangible treatment, but it looks very promising so far for incurable diseases like multiple sclerosis and brain cancer. I for one, am looking forward to see where this all goes!

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