CBD, Now For Your Pets!

Sometimes your doggo might be unusually restless or in pain and you already went to the vet and there's nothing else to be done but waiting for the ailment pass. Or it might be in heat and making an awful lot of racket because of it, what can you do in those cases? As we've seen, CBD can help humans plenty with its multiple benefits and unlike Cannabis, it lacks a psychoactive effect, so you might be tempted to give some to your furry friends, but WAIT! CBD made for human consumption is not suitable for dogs. We've got a bigger brain, relative to our body size and a human dose might be overwhelming for a doggo, even a large one. So before you give your pet any CBD, make sure it's specifically formulated for them!

Now, before you go all PETA on me, no it doesn't harm them, in fact, sometimes it's a very good and healthy alternative to products in the market such as mood stabilizers and pain killers and other medicines which most definitely harms them on the long run because it either builds up in their systems or the side effects make them suffer more than necessary. I mean, not because they can't complain doesn't mean they aren't like "HOLY SHIT THIS HURTS!" on the inside.

CBD can help a variety of ailments, like seasonal and long-term allergies, chronic stress and separation anxiety, nausea and a decrease in appetite, joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis, all kinds of phobias, skin and coat rashes and other issues and from what I can see, comes as either treats or drops.

As with most Cannabis-based products, it might or not still be misunderstood and demonized by the veterinary medical community so you might hear a few objections from your local vet, at which point you can either find a second opinion, or do some research and decide for yourself.

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