Chemotherapy Is A Fraud, It Actually Makes Tumors Grow Faster

Whenever I hear chemotherapy or radiotherapy, medieval torture comes to mind. I don't know why, it just sounds absolutely barbaric to me. It's like "Oh you're feeling sick? Here, let me inject poison into your veins, so you can suffer while you slowly die"Now, this just my opinion and doesn't necessarily represent that of this Blog. It’s not that I don’t trust modern medicine with my illnesses. I take aspirins for my head ache or butylhyoscine when my tummy aches but when it comes to cancer, something that takes so long with a success rate so low can’t be the way to go. And it’s not clear to me what actually is the way to go but modern cancer treatments seem so inefficient and savage. In fact, to me, they rather look like elaborate schemes to strip the desperate patients of their money.  People spend thousands of dollars during the course of their illnesses to treat this shit disease yet so few of them actually survive! Meanwhile, so many natural chemical compounds can kill cancer cells but they are not used nor synthesized into more powerful drugs, nobody even pays them any attention! Everyone seems to trust blindly what’s already known to be expensive and not very efficient. And until yesterday I thought it was only me who thought chemotherapy was a scam but apparently it’s been scientifically proven: Chemotherapy can in fact make the tumors grow faster! It's not the case with every cancer, but only a handful is enough to raise red flags.

(NaturalNews) A team of researchers from Washington state had a giant “Oops!” moment recently when it accidentally uncovered the deadly truth about chemotherapy while investigating why prostate cancer cells are so difficult to eradicate using conventional treatment methods. As it turns out, chemotherapy does not actually treat or cure cancer at all, according to the study’s findings, but rather fuels the growth and spread of cancer cells, making them much harder to stamp out once chemotherapy has already been initiated.

Now, if that right there wasn’t enough to get the blood in your skull to a boiling point wait to read the rest of it:

Published in the journal Nature Medicine, the shock findings which, not surprisingly, are being ignored by the mainstream scientific community, highlight in full detail how chemotherapy causes healthy cells to release a protein that actually feeds cancer cells and causes them to thrive and proliferate. According to the study, chemotherapy induces healthy cells to release WNT16B, a protein that helps promote cancer cell survival and growth. Chemotherapy also definitively damages the DNA of healthy cells, a long-term detriment that persists long after chemotherapy treatment is stopped. This combined action of healthy cell destruction and cancer cell promotion technically makes chemotherapy more of a cancer-causing protocol than a cancer-treatment protocol
“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumor cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,” explained study co-author Peter Nelson from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, about the findings, which he dubbed “completely unexpected.” “Our results indicate that damage responses in benign cells … may directly contribute to enhanced tumor growth kinetics,” added the entire team about what they observed. Avoiding chemotherapy improves health outcomes, suggests research What this means, for all intents and purposes, is that the entire process of chemotherapy is completely worthless, and is actually highly detrimental for cancer patients. Anyone searching for a real cure will want to avoid chemotherapy, in other words, and pursue an alternate route. This may include investigating alternative treatments like the Gerson Therapy (, or evaluating anti-cancer foods and nutrients like sodium bicarbonate, turmeric, high-dose vitamin C, and vitamin D.

Although there are many candidates, it’s unclear what is the definitive cure for cancer. A lot of treatments have been proposed but none of them are actually endorsed by the scientific community, probably because they are making way too much money from painful cancer treatments that take for ever and cost a fortune. Visit to read more about this: Study accidentally exposes chemotherapy as fraud – tumors grow faster after chemo! Thanks very much for reading and if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it or help us keep this going by visiting our shop and purchasing a t-shirt and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out about the latest posts and giveaways and as always, stay happy!


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