Coke vs Cannabis: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

By definition Cannabis is a drug. We'd like to call it something different. But for the big G it's all the same and for now we're ok with that definition. Coffee (Caffeine) and alcohol (Ethanol) are drugs, too. So is tobacco (Nicotine). Drugs that are [too] harmful to your health are illegal. Weed isn't. Cocaine on the other hand, can ruin something more than just your day (Read: Your life). So, shouldn't mr. Corrupt Congressman go to jail just like the poor fellow who was caught with a baggy of weed or smoking a joint? They're both doing drugs, right? So where's lady justice when you need her the most? And just to be clear, I'm not saying jail them both. I'm saying, DON'T SCREW OVER THE ONE SMOKING WEED! Sure, Cocaine and weed are both drugs, but there's a huge difference between them. One will kill you eventually, has literally ZERO therapeutic benefits and more people using it usually resort to criminal activities to attain in and are involved in violent crimes.

I mean, if Snortie the Congressman deserves a second chance, why not the reefer guy?

#Cannabis #Weed #Justiceforstoners

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