DEA Announces Move To Support Marijuana Research

If you're a stoner, whenever you hear the dreadful acronym DEA you might go into a panic. That's because for decades, these guys made life for the Cannabis culture and industry nearly impossible. The Drug Enforcement Administration was founded in 1973 and have been hard at it, arresting, imprisoning and harassing anything relating to Cannabis ever since its inception. So if you're a stoner, pothead or an otherwise Cannabis enthusiast, you might, to put it lightly, HATE them. But it's not their fault. Hate the message, not the messenger. They are just doing their job, following orders and the orders are: Cannabis is a 'dangerous' Schedule I drug and should not be on the streets. Now, you and I know that's bullshit, but they (the DEA), don't.

Luckily, they've got a chance to redeem themselves, wipe the slate clean, as they say, 'cause they just released a statement saying that they plan to improve access to Cannabis for researchers. Remember we always talked here about how Marijuana never had a chance to prove itself because there isn't enough research and how research is so difficult because people trying to do it can get into trouble for working with weed? Well, this is it! This is that chance!

Now, why is this a huge deal? You might ask. Well, unfortunately street Cannabis is rarely good enough for research, it's usually cultivated in poor conditions, and sometimes it's even mixed up with other illegal substances, so the data collected from that research is skewed and does not represent properly this amazing plant. In fact it may even make it look as damaging as it's purported to be by naysayers and haters. So the DEA opening this new avenue to legally grow it will allow researchers to get their hands on some of the finest weed available to man, which in turn will yield better and more truthful results of what this plant can and cannot do. If these results prove once and for all the benefits of Cannabis to America and the rest of the world, it may speed up legalizations not only in America, but the rest of the world! Fingers crossed, my friends, fingers crossed.

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