Doctors In Canada Still Pushing Opioids

Despite the huge victory of Cannabis legalization in the nation of Canadia, the widespread use of Marijuana as a substitute for opioids is still debated as they are still prescribed to patients across Canada.

Injured workers in Ontario, are being forced to to use Opioids, even tho the therapeutic benefits of medical weed are proven and the drug is perfectly legal in Canada, showing once more that the social stigma accompanying weed is still a problem and we need more education. Starting from the top. Because now that people accept Cannabis, physicians are still biased towards Big Pharma. Mainly 'cause Big Pharma pays them big bonuses for pushing their particular brand of poison. Here in this blog we refrain from urging people to take "X" or "Y"; It's your body and you decide what you put in it. So if weed is legal in your state or country, you have the right to choose your medicine. Be it opioids or Maryjane. #JustSayin

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