EPIDIOLEX: New Cannabis-Based Medication To Treat Epilepsy Is Approved By FDA

For the first time, a Cannabis-based medication called Epidiolex was approved by the FDA and rolled out to the general public. And for the first time in HALF A CENTURY, the DEA, shifted its stance on Marijuana. Even though Pig Pharma got its dirty hands onto Medical Marijuana, this is worthy of Celebration. The Drug Enforcement Administration has officially changed how it regulates CBD, which is a Cannabis derivate and the main ingredient in Epidolex.

And this will, of course, cement other Marijuana-based drugs in the market in the future. In other words, it's the first step towards full, nation-wide Cannabis legalization.

This is great news for those waiting for an alternative to opioids, since these drugs have so many negative side-effects and a sky-high addiction rates. So hopefully in a near-future we'll see a rise in Cannabis-based medications and we'll be treating many of our ailments with weed. Actual weed, not that synthetic crap.

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