Ex-Nixon White House counsel Says Mueller report Was Worse Than Watergate!

If you are old enough you might remember Richard Nixon, for those of you who don't, Richard Nixon was the president whose presidency was terminated by a scandal called Watergate, which in a few words, was basically a bunch of clandestine and often illegal activities undertaken by members of the Nixon administration. John Dean, the former White House counsel for president Nixon said that Mueller's report was "more damning" than the Watergate report, which makes me wonder HOW THE HELL IS THIS MAN STILL IN POWER!?

“I looked on my shelf for the Senate Watergate Committee report, I looked at the Iran Contra report. I also looked at the Ken Starr report … In 400 words, this report from the special counsel is more damning than all those reports about a President."
Said Dean on CNN’s “The Lead.”

For those who are guessing that there was, in fact, some type of collusion, there wasn't. The president is actually innocent of those particular charges. However, Mueller also couldn't “conclusively determine” that no other criminal shenanigans went on in regards to obstruction of justice. In other words, they couldn't fully exonerate Trump and Dean thinks that despite the insufficient proof to establish obstruction of justice, the violation was clear.

“As far as obstruction goes, this is clear obstruction, the obstruction statute is an endeavor statute … if you endeavor to obstruct you’ve violated the obstruction statute.”
Dean said.

Now, at this point I am going play devil's avocado and say that maybe he is, maybe he isn't. This is America and a man is innocent until proven guilty, however, presidential harassment or not, we should open a new investigation and either clear those charges completely or prove the whole obstruction of justice angle. It's only fair. And if president Trump has nothing to hide, I am sure he also has nothing to fear, right? #JustSaying


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