Facebook Bans Hemp and CBD Advertising

I know that we have been trying to steer more into more entertaining content, but some things have to be addressed. Like for example, Facebook censoring content. Specifically, Cannabis-related content. Which they've been culprit of doing before, you can read more about it here. Of course, people weren't happy about it. Particularly Cannabis-related content creators, like yours truly but also non-weed-smokers, 'cause first amendment and shit! So people banded together and put up this petition to stop Facebook from censoring Cannabis-related content. Which surprisingly worked. But looks like our white and blue, net overlords didn't learn and are now censoring and prohibiting any advertisements about CBD of all substances. FREAKING CBD! Which is totally legal all around the country which even the TSA is allowing you to travel with!

The Social Media giant hasn't said anything about this outrageous measure previously and it's mentioned NOWHERE in their rule book. Instead, they choose to sanction, delete and censor any businesses that sell CBD and other hemp products, including sudden suspensions of their accounts, deleting pages and taking down paid ads.

Now, Facebook actually confirmed these takedowns, explaining that they were merely cracking down on “illegal products or services,” “drugs and drug-related products,” and “unsafe supplements.”. Which is total and utter bullshit. Since CBD is neither "unsafe" nor "illegal, NOR A FUCKING "SUPPLEMENT"!!! And that's according to the FDA. That’s one of the restrictions on legal CBD put in place by the USDA and FDA.

And people, of course are seething with rage, particularly the owners of such pages, who've seen their revenue seriously impacted by the ad takedowns, who are currently burying Facebook in a flurry of lawsuits and obviously taking their business elsewhere.

You can read more about this at

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