FDA Approves Opioid 10 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl

Why? Just why? Why do you people have to make things worse than they already are!? We already have a full-blown opioid epidemic, now yet another drug that's 10 times stronger than the last one! The new kid on the block is called Dsuvia and as I stated previously, is 10 times stronger than Fentanyl, one of the strongest opioid drugs in the market, only behind Carfentanil, THE strongest one yet in the market.

Now, if you don't understand why I am so upset let me give you some background. A long time ago, the strongest drug in the market was Opium, derived from the Poppy plant, this was the go-to drug for pain killing and sedation, later, in the early 1800's the key ingredient in Opium was discovered, synthesized and named aptly: Morphine, after Morpheus, the god of dreams. This was of course even MORE addictive than opium alone. Later, in 1895 they mixed Morphine with other stuff to make a new drug, with less side effects and supposedly a whole lot less addictive. We know how that panned out a century later, looking at all those Heroin junkies in the streets. After that, Heroin and other opium-based drugs were banned by the Drug Enforcement Administration but that didn't stop their black market analogs from running rampant. Finally in the late parts of the 20th century, scientists have come up with a huge rainbow of legal Opioid drugs used to treat pain and other central nervous system ailments but sadly many patients just keep getting addicted to these drugs, reverting to the cheap, more attainable street alternatives like Heroine. It's clearly not working. We need something safer and making a stronger version of the same s#1t doesn't help the opioid epidemic.

All the above considered, I hope you see now, why I am worried about this new drug. And by no means should these lines be interpreted as "I don't have regard for people in pain". As someone who has suffered it and has resistance to certain anesthetics, this is a very real thing. Sometimes conventional means just won't work and whatever is in the market won't numb certain pains. That's when medications such as Dsuvia come in. They are supposed to be the last line of defense. But if you read the prior paragraph, you'll also realize this stuff may be the new opioid epidemic. You know, because of the whole 10-times-as-strong part. Heck, it may even spawn new street drugs! And sure, the FDA, DEA and other regulators did take this into account and added more severe measures to insure that only the right people get these medications but that's still a flawed system, because pain and suffering are subjective and at the end of the day, it all comes down to the person or persons who take the decision and lot of things can go wrong; Either someone in actual, real pain won't be prescribed the necessary medication or someone abusing the system will. Either way everyone loses. And to be clear I am not saying "Weed galore, let's all get high to cure pain!", I am saying, do some better research! Opioids can't be the best there is and we've seen it, off the top of my head, I don't wanna say Cannabis, but yeah, Cannabis.

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