Florida Wants To Limit Amounts of THC In Smokable Medical Cannabis

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

After legalizing smokable Cannabis in Florida, on March 21st, lawmakers took a few steps backwards, proposing to cap the amounts of THC in the bud to only 10%, probably because they're afraid people will get too high. Critics, on the other hand, argue that this will only push consumers to buy more calling it "a tax on patients". With the taxes on Cannabis, this will prove to make the life of those in palliative care or those trying to manage chronic pains a living nightmare. It's like telling a cancer patient that now their cancer medication will be 90% less effective, kind of like Pig Pharma's approach.

The law does not apply to edibles though, which were permitted a higher THC count, yet still no full strength; A 35-day supply of medical Cannabis edibles would have a 7000 mg total cap, with a 200 mg cap per day, which is enough for most patients, but not all.

Limiting the cap would also affect minors, as another provision of this proposal would increase medical Marijuana requirement for minors which currently require two doctors' opinions for a child to obtain a medical Cannabis treatments, the second recommending doctor must hold a medical board certification, adding a few more requirements which would apply on tinctures, oils and flower, among others, this will make it very difficult for the caregivers of sick children to attain a treatment.

At this point I don't know if this is just corporate greed and interests getting in the way or just plain reefer madness paranoia, but I feel like they are trying to turn medical Cannabis into the next big Pig Pharma treatment.


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