Gaping Sinkhole Opens At The White House Lawn

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

So this happened... I mean... wow. I am speechless. And oh, so many questions? Is this budget cuts? Nature trying to correct a mistake? Maybe it's the swamp that hasn't been drained. Holy smokes! How did this even happen??? Did I miss the memo where they ordered to decorate the White House lawn like a Guatemalan village?

Experts are blaming an actual (as opposed to a metaphorical) swamp for the mishap and the thing is most likely completely fixed by now, but me, as well as many Americans wonder if there is any poetic subtext to this? After all, certain metaphorical swamp was promised to be drained. hasn't happened thus far and maybe mother nature is trying to say something. You know, "Nudge nudge, wink wink", except with a gaping hole in their lawn.

On the other hand, this whole ordeal makes you wonder about the real state of the country's infrastructure; If this happened under their nose, what about the rest of the country? What else is broken? And... Is he [Trump] going to do something about it or just keep wasting money elsewhere?

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