Get Paid To Drive High: Colorado Researchers Are Looking For Volunteers

Many people now, including famous rapper Snoop Dogg have smoked weed outside the White House. Legally, too. It's a way of 'sticking it to the man', as they say. Driving high, however, is actually illegal but what if I told you that you can get paid to do so? I'm not even joking.

Researchers at the university of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus decided to put to the test the effects of Cannabis on a person driving a motor vehicle and they are looking for volunteers for a study they're conducting. The volunteers are going to get paid for their time but have to bring their own weed. The objective of this study is to shed some more light on impaired driving under the influence of Cannabis. Because, while drunk-driving has been widely studied, there's not a lot of information or studies about driving high, although anecdotal evidence from Canadian Legalization has shown that weed apparently has little impact on driving skills, unlike alcohol, which claims thousands of lives every year.

Participants in the study will be tested before and after Cannabis use to check for reflexes and coordination, and will be required to make two visits in a period of one week to the research lab in Aurora, at the end of which, will be awarded $140, which, if you ask me, I'll do it for free. Just so I can say I was legally driving high as a kite.

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