GOP Vows To Target Reporters Who Criticize Trump

Because freedom of speech apparently doesn't mean anything anymore, the Republican National Committee and pro-Trump super PAC America First plan to use scare tactics and harassment to discourage reporters and other media from criticizing President Donald Trump. This all comes in the eve of the 2020 campaign trail for Trump's reelection and has Russian collusion tones all over it, because despite the President's exoneration in the Mueller report, which is around 300 pages long and hasn't been released publicly yet at the time of this Blog post. Apparently there's still a lot of people who think that he in fact colluded with the Russians and this could damage his public image during the 2020 Campaign trail.

On Thursday, both the RNC and America First PAC threatened any journalist reporting Russian collusion news with a personalized harassment campaign consisting of, and I quote: "30-second spots of all their ridiculous claims about collusion,” to discredit the journalist(s) attempting to criticize Trump.

And this, believe it or not, is not totally out of character for many hardcore Trump supporters, in fact it's one of their mildest responses. In 2016, his campaign manager was arrested after physically assaulting a reporter, and charged with battery. Other supporters have gone the extra mile, plotting violent attacks on journalists criticizing the president. In October, for example, one of such supporters was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to Democratic lawmakers and CNN’s Atlanta headquarters!

And I get that not all Trump supporters are violent lunatics, but... What the hell do you want people to think? How do acts of domestic terrorism make them better than the Taliban, ISIS or Al-Qaeda? They don't. It's exactly the same shit!

And look, being in politics makes you the target of so many criticisms, regardless of affiliation. Democrat or Republican. Look at Bush, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, look at Obama, for pete's sake! You become the butt of so many jokes but the freedom to make those jokes and make those criticisms is what sets us apart from other countries where you don't have such liberties. This is what makes America great. Let's be civilized, Folks.

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