Granny Gets Jailed For 12 Hours In Disneyland For CBD Possession

If you think 12 hours is not a lot compared to a life sentence, you are right. If you think that 12 hours is way too much for carrying arthritis medication, you're absolutely right. The fact that this happened in the present day, when Hemp has been officially legalized and decriminalized in FLIPPING DISNEYWORLD of all places, it's just fucking disgraceful but that's exactly what happened to 69-year-old Hester Burkhalter, great-grandmother arrested at a Disney World’s Magic Kingdom checkpoint for carrying CBD oil in her purse, and charged with possession of hashish, which is not the same as CBD oil. And meanwhile an old lady was arrested for essentially having arthritis.

Now, the picture above says "Jail" written in the "Disney" logo font, which was made to achieve a comedic result, but in all fairness, this lady was put in an actual Orange County jail, so there was no Mickey or Goofy prison guards. I mean, they were a bit Goofy, it's Florida, but still. Mrs. Burkhalter spent a total of 12 hours in jail before being released on a $2,000 bail. On the bright side, all charges have been dropped, but those hours in jail are something Mrs. Burkhalter won't be able to forget. Think of it this way: You can't just take an insult back by yelling "unfuck you!", it's just now how shit works.

This, of course isn't the first time such unpleasantries happen, earlier this month a person was arrested at the FDW airport for the same reason. And I'm all for abiding the law, but CBD oil is a medication. What's more, it's a legal alternative and confusing it with something else, then, as a result having an inocent elderly person doing jail time and being treated as a criminal should be treated in the same way as any other instance of Police misconduct. #JustSaying

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