Harvard Discovers Cannabis Can Be Used For Cancer Therapy

Most of you are probably like "Tell me something I don't know!" but for the scientific community, believe it or not, this is news. Especially coming from a reputable source such as Harvard. You see, Cannabis has such a social stigma attached to it, starting with its schedule I status and ending with all the misinformation and deadly knock-offs in the market that if you told a scientist that Marijuana can actually improve your life quality in several ways they wouldn't believe you. Let alone tell them that it can do the slightest thing for cancer. How do I know this? Well, we actually have already posted about this previously here and here and yet people like the Surgeon General still believe that Medical Cannabis is a terrible idea.

Much to the amazement of many, this study has nothing to do with THC or CBD, although both are proven to be amazing at treating several forms of cancer. Instead, the study focuses on a Cannabis Flavonoid called FBL-03G that can treat Pancreatic Cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer, one that has a very low survival rate and it's extremely difficult to treat.

WTF are Flavonoids?

So at this point you might be asking what the hell are Flavonoids? Don't worry, fam, I got you covered. Flavonoids are compounds present in all plants and vegetables and contribute to many of their health benefits. They are usually used by the plant as a defense against plagues and to help them to grow, however science is discovering how important they are for everyday nutrition and their medicinal potential.

The reason Flavonoid FBL-03G is so important, is because this Flavonoid can slow down pancreatic cancer cell growth, reduce tumor growth and help with the symptoms, things that every single medical procedure to date miserably fail at, hence the low survival rate.

The Harvard researchers conducted two types of tests; In vitro and in vivo, meaning: On a petri dish and on live animals. The in vitro tests had a slighter higher success rate, the cancer cell dowright just died while in the in vivo tests the Flavonoid merely slowed down their growth.

And while this study didn't 100% change the scientific community's collective mind about Cannabis' role in medicine, this particular study definitely justified more tests and research on Marijuana and its benefits, which is -in my opinion- half of the battle already won.

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