Heil Sessions: Jeff Sessions Proposes Nationalist Campaign of Discrimination

Because what we needed in this country was even more blatant racism, your boi Jeff Sessions just proposed some more racist crap in the form of a “religious liberty task force” that aims to ensure the Justice Department is upholding the executive order President Trump issued in May 2017 ordering the executive branch to protect religious freedoms. Which on the surface sounds fantastic if you believe in something. "A dangerous movement, undetected by many, is now challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom", warned sessions, adding that it "must be confronted and defeated". And it does sound like a truly heroic movement to protect your religious freedom. Except Sessions didn't say what the "dangerous movement" is nor which religion and from his track record this is kinda worrying, because this task force might very well protect Christian conservatives and hammer on whoever tries to cut off their agendas. Meaning that they could penalize anything that doesn't align with their interests. And this could, in a sense, become a wild witch hunt in the future where anyone who deviates from the norm can be prosecuted, giving a certain group (Namely Sessions') the right to discriminate you if you're gay, muslim, want an abortion, believe in the wrong god, etc. Ahh, fun times.

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