High Times And The [Animated] HISTORY OF 420

If you are a stoner, 420 has been staple of pot smoking for what seems as forever, but where did it all come from? Well, it all started in 1971, in San Raphael Highschool, in California. A group of teenagers that called themselves 'The Waldos' used to get together by a certain designated wall (which is where the name 'Waldos' came from, by the way) at 4:20PM. To avoid openly speaking about it, since back then it was even more of a social stigma, they used '4:20' as their secret code for their weedscapades, what followed was the beginning of an era and the foundation for all the legalizations happening today almost everywhere and we all have this group of teenage stoners to thank for it.

And that is pretty much a very boiled-down version of it all but it doesn't stop there! As with every meme, 420 was not just the child of a generation but the product of thousands of millions of people, sharing an idea with each other. And I know, I know what you might be saying: "yes, that's how memes work..." but hear me out, as established earlier the concept of 420 spread like fire through the community and now 420 is synonymous with Marijuana, the idea doesn't need further spreading because it gathered enough momentum to keep going, so why don't we make 'Legalization' the new 420? #LegalizeIt is a hashtag trending on twitter, but not nearly as popular as the aforementioned meme and in the opinion of this humble blogger, it deserves more attention, because if the community made 420 sky-rocket, imagine what it could do for legalization.

Give some love to, which are the guys responsible for that awesome video up there and visit their page:

Or, you can learn A WHOLE LOT MORE about 420 at, who have a longer version of the history:

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