How Weed Kills Cancer (Now Scientifically Proven!)

In the last post we discussed how weed kills cancer, but one thing I -apparently mistakenly- said was that there wasn't enough scientific evidence to say it is the case. Boy was I mistaken.

So I was fact-checking this whole "no scientific evidence for a cancer cure" claim and found the work by doctor Christina Sanchez, from the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. She is a molecular biologist there and has been studying the anti-cancer properties of THC continuing research that has been going since the 1960's. The science behind it is amazing and super interesting but what it is, basically, is that THC induces the cell suicide mechanism in the cancerous cells through the Endocannabinoid system and doesn't touch healthy cells at all. Which cancer medication DOES do. In fact all the modern cancer medications do is damage the whole thing and hope that the cancerous cells die. This of course can be absolutely wrecking on very weak patients and can in fact end up killing them before it kills the cancer. Heck, "healthy" patients become ill after being treated with chemo for awhile. Everyone I know who been through chemo comes out chewed up and half dead on the other side. IF they even come out at all.

Here's how weed kills cancer

So, to conclude, what Cannabis is offering us, from the patient's standpoint is an alternative that is natural, that is healthy and that can actually help improving the patient's life quality during the treatment while at the same time combating the disease.

From very early we've been indoctrinated that natural medicine can't tackle big diseases like cancer, maybe it's time we started doing the research into plants and natural remedies.

You can read more about this here:

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