I'm Impressed: Mormons Are Actually OK With Cannabis

You know those jokes where a predetermined minority walks into a bar and hilarity ensues? Yeah, this is one of those. Mainly 'cause I wasn't expecting this. But you know what? Good for them! What am I talking about? The Mormon Church is actually OK with Medical Cannabis in the state of Utah! YES, dear reader, you read right! Of course, they have their own set of conditions for this to be fully acceptable but damn, that's a bold move! Good on you, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

So, why am I surprised or impressed, you might ask? Well, most other churches simply ban the use of any drug (including booze) as the worst thing to ever happen. And of course our friend Mary-Jane is chucked into the same dirty bucket as the other drugs and so Marijuana is universally despised by most religions and you probably going to hell (or a generic equivalent) for using it, even if it is to save your own life. And that is what makes the Mormon Church's posture on it so respectable, in my opinion. It's the fact that they are actually saying: "Ok, there's more to this plant besides all the crap they're saying about it. It can actually do some good!" and at the end of the day, that's awesome in my book. To challenge the establishment and go for what's right instead of what they're telling you.

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