Is Cannabis The New Fountain Of Youth?

Wouldn't it be cool if the fountain of youth existed in real life? Well, perhaps that joint you're holding may hold the key! You see, recent studies of the Marijuana plant have found that Cannabis may have rejuvenating properties!

The main reason your skin starts to sag and shrivel is because with age, your organism stops producing collagen. This substance gives your skin strength and elasticity. There's also oxidation and free radicals, which also increase with age, and so we're on a losing battle with time and companies naturally profit from this battle. There's an entire industry of products that either delay, reduce or revert aging. One of such companies, an Australian company that works with CBD-rich anti-aging cream discovered that CBD is in fact a powerful anti-oxidant.

This claim has been met with a healthy degree of skepticism by the scientific community, arguing that there is not enough evidence that CBD alone can rejuvenate skin. That's not all, however a three-year research project by the University of Technology Sydney and Bod Australia found a new family of proteins in human cells that act as anti-ageing [sic] agents, and it's these proteins, in conjunction with CBD that are doing the trick. Whether CBD alone can pull it off is still up for debate.

All in all, this discovery seems to me like a bit of a novelty product, being that there's already tons of anti-aging creams in the market everywhere, so it remains to be seen if it offers a clear edge over what's already available and advertised everywhere.

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