Jeff Sessions Gets F-- Ermm.. Resigns

We don't agree with president Donald Trump very often here. In fact we usually criticize him strongly on this Blog. You're safe to assume we don't like him a lot. But this is one decision we can definitely stand behind of. He apparently asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to submit his resignation, which he did. Although CNN reported that Trump “fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions”. And at this point this whole presidency is starting to look a lot like a long-winded episode of The Apprentice, where the members of the cabinet are starting to be grayed-out, one by one off the group photo. Like seriously, this almost seems like a joke. A very bad one that no one is laughing at. However I gotta admit, this was a good move. It really was. Jeff Sessions is objectively a horrible human being and deserves to be fired and if you feel bad about him being fired, here's something for you to read:

Trust me, Trump made the right choice. And look, I genuinely root for president Trump. I really do. If he succeeds, America succeeds and isn't that what we all want? I mean, except for terrorists, I suppose they don't, but if you're American, you want America to succeed and president Trump doing a good job would insure that. But so far there's very little evidence to suggest that he is in fact, doing a good job. Take president Trump's Cabinet as an example; Most of its members have been either fired or they resigned. Including Sessions. Which apparently both, resigned AND was fired.

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