Joints vs Dabs, Which One Is Best?

There are two kinds of dabbers. Those who get high doing it and those who don't. And if you are the latter, keep going, this isn't meant for you. And obviously I mean no disrespect, if you like to dab on them haters, to each his own, but in this post we are going to focus on the other kind of dabbing. So what is it? Well, basically dabbing involves melting and vaporizing a resin (sometimes called shatter) on a titanium nail inside a special pipe or bong, typically Cannabis or Hashish resin and inhaling the fumes or vapors that come off of it. But, which one is better?

If you are old school, you might argue the joint or blunt is better, but as we saw in a previous post, all those pyrolytic smoke compounds, such as Carbon Dioxide, terpenes, and other stuff 'water' down the THC and CBD and only a measly 12% make it into your lungs, the rest could be argued, are noxious compounds. Take that 12% away and it's no different to standing next to a bonfire and breathing the smoke in.

Dabs, on the other hand, deliver a whopping 75%, in other words 300% it's more efficient than burning the herb.

Now it's not all honey and roses in regards to Dabs. The compound is made by stripping the THC using a highly flammable gas called Butane, and this process alone has claimed at least 2 lives and injured 27 in explosions in the UK alone. Now, it could be argued that most of these accidents didn't involve trained professionals nor labs and the big problem is still the illegal status of the drug, because this forced untrained aficionados to take matters into their own hands and try to synthesize the compound in their basements, resulting in careless handling of dangerous chemicals, instead of letting a professional chemist do it.

Another problem with this new trend in the Cannabis community is precisely the efficiency with which this method delivers THC to your system. It's a double-edged sword, you see; As with vaporized THC and Synthetic THC, we are neglecting many of the other healthy Cannabinoids, it's all fine and dandy to use Marijuana recreationally if you're in a state, province or country where weed is legal, but remember that abuse of any kind can be detrimental to your health. THC was never meant to be taken on its own and the new strains, with higher concentrations of it might have negative health effects, such as psychosis. Which Cannabidiol (or CBD) can take care of, but alas, getting high has been prioritized lately over being well, so modern strains might be a bit of a problem if you consume them in high concentrations, which is what dabbing does.

And in the end, whether you decide to stick with smoking or decide to try Dabbing, do it responsibly. I am not here to promote either, but to make sure you know the risks and rewards of each.

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