Just a Friendly Reminder: Trump Wanted To Invade Venezuela

By now you might be getting the silly idea that here at Cannijuana Friends Blog we don't really like Mr. Trump very much. And I don't know where you might get that idea from, but it's not like he didn't earn it. Now it turns out he, at some point wanted to invade Venezuela. Which, aside from anti-capitalist remarks and other miscellaneous hate, doesn't pose any threat to America whatsoever. Like, really. NONE AT ALL. I mean, at least North Korea had nukes and maybe an army. What does Venezuela have? Starving people and 2 firecrackers?

And of course, things over there have gotten to the point where an intervention seems like the way to go, but... Why, I ask? See, if you've ever tried to play "Knight in a Shining Armour" in your life and found a fighting couple and tried to "save" this damsel in distress from her abusive douche of a boyfriend/husband, she'll almost always end up defending him and you'll end up looking like the asshole. And in this analogy, Venezuela is both, the girlfriend and the boyfriend simultaneously. If the US invades Venezuela, it can expect retaliation from the rest of the world. Certainly from China, who shares weird ideas with Venezuela. So why the flip do you want ANYTHING to do with Venezuela in the first place? Just leave it be. Let THEM figure it out.

America already looks bad to the rest of the world, Trump is already a joke around the world, a joke that everyone hates, but a joke nonetheless, why would he even CONTEMPLATE sticking his tiny sausage fingers into that pie? Just let them figure it out themselves. #JustSaying

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