Koch Brothers Got a Massive Tax Cut

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

If you weren't planning to get pissed off today stop reading because if you read any further, I guarantee that you'll surely get so angry that your head will explode. I mean, at least that one vein that always pops when you get angry. We all have that one vein that always pops when we hear certain kind of bad news. You know, like when they tell you: "sorry, I crashed your car... into your neighbor's car, and now he's suing you" or "I burned your meal... Along with the rest of your house, but it's ok, I'll repay you in pogs" You know, that kind of enraging news, yet not quite as enraging as hearing that the Koch brothers got a massive tax cut. How massive you ask? Between $1 billion and $1.4 billion each year. 'Cause that's exactly what those people needed. More money. While the rest of us pay more taxes each year, these homunculi get to pay less taxes every year!

Now, if you were wondering how did this happen and how do YOU get a similar tax cut, it's all because they financed Donald Trump's campaign, so not like you can get a similar deal so easily (I am assuming you are not a multi-billionaire reading this on a gold-plated Macbook).

All in all, this money is not going anywhere but their bank accounts, it's not going to be re-invested into the economy in the form of bonuses for employees, it's not going to be invested into growing the economy in any way whatsoever. It's all about greed here. The Koch brothers got a massive tax cut and it's coming out of our pockets. 'Cause the taxes they don't pay, we do. That's a given. Death and taxes, right? The infrastructure needs maintenance, the government employees need salaries, the military needs money, etc. What's messed up is that the poorest of us are the ones that end up paying for all that. I'm not saying "take a Socialist Robbin Hood approach" but at least be fair; "You earn more, you pay more", not "You earn less, you pay more".

So, when you're done reading this post and its source down below, and feel like going out and starting a riot, vandalizing something out of rage, don't. Remember that, chances are, it's all coming out of your pockets, not the Koch brother's.

You can read more about this (and get enraged) here:

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