Legalize To depopularize: Study Shows That Legalizing Weed Will Make It Less Popular With Teens

What I'm about to say might bot be the most popular opinion with some people but weed might not be great for teenagers. And I'm aware that it's actually healthy to have some every now and then, but the problem is that the teenage brain is still in development, and while Marijuana helps adults, whose endocannabinoid systems are in decline to form memories more effectively and regulates metabolic functions (read more about it here), teenagers, who have active endocannabinoid systems don't really benefit from Cannabis, the effect is actually detrimental to their mental health, in other words, it's actually good for adults, not so much for teens, which is why it's generally not a great idea that they use it recreationally, but the do it anyway, so what gives?

Well, a new study by researchers at Montana State University shows that legalizing weed would actually make less popular with teenagers. The study focused on data gathered between 1993 and 2017, from 1.4 million teenagers in the US, most of which were high school students in states where recreational Cannabis was legalized. Where, a decrease of up to the 10% was observed in teens.

Doctor Mark Anderson, lead author of the study said that the most likely reason for this drop was that it is harder for teens to purchase weed from licensed dispensaries, because proof of age is required and Marijuana sold in these establishments is also more expensive, which makes it more difficult to purchase with allowance money.

These results, are contradicted by another study, however, from Colorado in 2018, which found that the number of high teenagers basically stayed the same after recreational weed was legalized there in 2014. So which one is it? I don't know but I guess we'll find out as more legalizations happen and more of these studies are conducted.

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