Longest Living Serving Weed Prisoner Scheduled For Release This year

Antonio Bascaro is a father and a war hero, you'd think he'd be chilling in Florida with a Mojito and a couple of beautiful women but in fact he's in prison. Since 1980. He is the oldest serving prisoner for a Marijuana-related "crime" and has been in jail for nearly 39 long years. However, with the new Cannabis bill reforms he's scheduled to be released in June of this year.

Back in the day, Bascaro used to be a pilot for the Cuban Naval Air Force but was in fact, so good at it that he worked with the CIA in an effort to overthrow Fidel Castro. Unfortunately his skills in the air were sought after by drug lords and he decided to help one of them smuggle 600,000 pounds of Cannabis into the United States. After his capture he refused to turn over the evidence or cooperate due to his deep sense of loyalty and honor which led to his incarceration in 1980. He's been in jail ever since, despite the fact that the very kingpin who hired him to smuggle the weed has already been released. I guess it's true what they say; Justice belongs to those who can afford it.

We have talked on this Blog previously about the Cannabis-related convictions and how now, that Weed is legal in many parts of the country this all seems like a big loogie to the face, simply because the more we learn about Marijuana and its nature, the more enraging it becomes to know that there's people still in jail because of it. People who had lives, dreams, families, all destroyed for what seemingly looks like nothing at all; Using, selling or possessing a plant that could be used for medicinal purposes or has less drawbacks recreationally than alcohol or tobacco.

The very sad part is that Bascaro's health has been in decline, 'cause obviously he's very old and his family has been worried that he'd die behind bars. Which would be a tragedy, especially now that weed is so close to legalization. If you'd like to help in any way this man and his family, I urge you to sign this online petition asking for President Trump to grant him clemency. The petition has already gathered almost 110,000 signatures and counting, so if you want to help, that's the easiest way. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can reach Antonio Bascaro directly through this mail address:

Antonio Bascaro #03846-021 FCI Miami PO Box 779800 Miami, FL 33177

I am sure he'll be happy to hear your kind words of words of encouragement.

All of us at Cannijuana Friends team wish Mr. Bascaro a swift and worry-free release from jail, I think he suffered more than enough and served his time for whatever crime he might or not have committed, he deserves the freedom and it's way overdue.

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