Man Arrested For Selling Meth-Laced Weed To Kids In Colorado

Almost as if out of a MAD magazine, a man was arrested for selling meth-laced Marijuana to middle school children. You'd think think this is the punchline to a very dark humor joke, but actually happened in Colorado Springs, where 47-year-old John Bruce Fifield, Jr is currently on house arrest, out of jail on a $25K bond and facing heavy federal charges because there are minors involved in this case. This is why we can't have nice things, people...

Fifield, who lives in Sedalia, Colorado is accused of selling meth-laced Marijuana to middle school students at Woodland Park Middle School in Colorado Springs, an hour-drive away, aided by his step-daughter, who attends Woodland Park and would allegedly bring classmates over to Fifield’s place after school to sell them the adulterated narcotics.

After one of the kids got sick from taking the drugs and was subjected to an at-home drug test that came out positive for methamphetamine, the school’s resident police officer took notice and more and more students began to come forward with serious accusations against Fifield, who supposedly was supplying them with drugs. The whole matter was subsequently brought to the County's police department's attention.

After launching their investigation, Fifield's house was searched. They found more than five pounds of weed and several other illegal narcotics, including Xanax, psilocybin mushrooms and methamphetamine, plus 18 grams of marijuana laced with meth. Despite all of this, John Bruce Fifield, Jr pleads innocent and is awaiting trial.

And of course, police is understandably horrified, stating that they've never seen such a combination of drugs, also called "Polydrug". At this point it's hard to tell how this will affect the Cannabis community but hopefully it won't trigger another "Reefer Madness" phenomenon and both, authorities and the general public will understand that this is one of the dangers of not legalizing Marijuana; The lack of regulations allows for unscrupulous meth-heads to lace weed with chemicals and sell it to pretty much anyone. And yes, that sadly includes children but regardless, let's pretend for a minute there were no kids involved, it's still poison, regardless o who's buying it, even if it's adults we're talking about, it's still meth-laced weed, for Pete's sake! It could be rat poison for all that I care. This rarely IF AT ALL happens with alcohol. Why? 'Cause it's been legalized! But ask grandpa, this used to happen all the time back during the prohibition due to the aforementioned lack of regulations, not to mention there's now stricter control on who gets to have a sip of booze than back then.

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