Man Is Sentenced to Death In Malaysia For Giving Away Cannabis Oil

If you've been looking for a reason lately to say "God bless America", here's a good one: At least you won't be sentenced to death for giving away Cannabis oil. Heck, I've read in the news about assholes selling Ecstasy outside schools and not even they get the death penalty. A man in Malaysia, though, was sentenced to death a week ago just for giving away Cannabis oil to people in need. Yes. You read right. Sick people with no cash. He was giving them the medical Cannabis for free and got sentenced to death for it! Apparently as a result of Malaysia's extremely strict laws on Cannabis,

And as I mentioned previously oh, SO MANY times in this Blog, there are plenty worse and more dangerous drugs than Marijuana, so whether you use it or not, this does kinda feels like a kick in the balls.

Muhammad Lukman Bin Mohamad was arrested back in 2015 for distributing medical Cannabis and was caught in possession of 279 grams of compressed cannabis, guilty of breaking Malaysia’s Drugs Act of 1952, then sentenced 3 years later to the ultimate penalty; Death.

Besides distributing it for free and not making a dime for it, Lukman was also working in cooperation with an organization that educates the public on issues related to medical marijuana, which would make us also dangerous criminals in Malaysia. Remind me not to ever go there.

You can read more about this atrocity at

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