Marlboro Manufacturer Might Start Selling Weed In Canada

You know, back in the day, we used to say "Marlboro Greens" as an euphemism for weed. It was a little inside joke we had. You know, 'cause we thought Marlboro, or rather Altria, the company that makes Marlboro and Virginia Slims, would NEVER in a million years make a Cannabis-based product. Boy were we wrong.

What am I talking about? So turns out that Altria decided to cash in on the Canadian Marijuana boom and they're considering releasing Cannabis products. Now, this is not 100% a done deal, and has not been fully confirmed by Altria, but it's definitely an idea the cigarette manufacturer is considering and their stocks have already gone up 11%. One of the biggest obstacles the company faces is countries with hardcore drug laws like the Philippines, where they have 70% of the market share, but a president reluctant to legalize weed. With drug laws this strict, it could spell the end of their ventures there, given the Filipino president, Rodrigo Duterte's rigid stance on Marijuana.

But with the world slowly shifting towards legal Cannabis, and companies like Molson Coors, Walmart, Pepsi, and Coca Cola, among others, embracing legal weed, it's only a matter of time until you'll be able to say "Marlboro Greens" unironically, which kinda makes me a little sad inside. 'Cause I'll have to find another clever euphemism. Not to mention all the unhealthy additives they already put into their cigarettes, I'm sure the future Marlboro Cannabis or Marlboro Greens will probably have asbestos and arsenic in them, just like what they sell now. No, seriously, look it up. Look up all the poisonous crap they put in cigarettes, I'm not even kidding!

All in all, it's good to see that Marijuana is no longer a taboo like it used to be and that mega-corporations are willing to seriously invest in it.

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